Wed 25 October - Northland - Okaihau Pastoral Ltd, Joe Foster & Cam Holmes

910 State Highway 1, Okaihau
NZ Runner Up Winners and Best Northland Farm Performance for the second year running highlights this business' consistency and adaptability to a challenging operating environment. Okaihau Pastoral have a superior ROC of 3.2% and operating expenses of $4.26/kgMS.  A high proportion of home-grown forage (94%) helps to keep the cost of consumed feed low for a high-input system.

Tues 31 October - Canterbury - BJ Caird Ltd/Grassy Banks, B & K Caird and S & K Searle

1026 Seadown Road, Timaru
Winners of Best Canterbury Farm Performance and Lowest Environmental Impact, the Cairds had very low nutrient losses at 21kgN/ha/yr and 0.7kgP/ha/yr.  Other areas of focus were superior cow performance through genetic selection and management of animal health leading to an impressive feed conversion efficiency ratio of 10.4kgDM/kgMS and cows producing 99% of their body weight.

Thurs 2 November - West Coast - Pan Farms Ltd, Paul & Andrea Stevenson

673 Taramakau Settlement Road, Kumara
Best West Coast Farm Performance and Best People Performance & Leadership.  Pan Farm had strong HR metrics (within the top three from the finalist pool) and HR compliance areas covered, this farm performed well in the HR judging for their attention to their staff and concern for their team members as people as well as ‘workers.’  Pasture formed 81.7% of the cows' diet and their pasture cost was the lowest of all finalists at $232/tDM. They harvested 11.6tDM/ha from dryland, producing 1235kgMS/ha.

Tues 7 November - Waikato - PG & KF West Ltd, Peter & Karen West

1410 Kaihere Road, Ngatea
Winners of the Best Waikato Farm Performance Award the Wests showed great consistency across all areas, being a finalist in both the HR and Environmental awards.  Key takeouts were the highest informal training investment in people and a low N loss/ha of 28.  The Wests achieved a solid return on capital of 1.8%, alongside an operating profit margin of 18.3%. 

Thurs 9 November - Bay of Plenty - Raroad Farms Ltd, David & Sandra Clark

217 Raroa Road, Waimana
Winners of the Best Central Plateau / Bay of Plenty Farm Performance Award the Clarks had an excellent return on capital at 3.2% with one of the highest operating profits within the DBOY17 finalist group at $1808/ha.  The Clarks run their system very efficiently and are excellent pasture managers with the highest pasture harvest amongst competition finalists at 14.4tDM/ha from dryland, and a very efficient conversion to milk solids at 12.3kgDM consumed/kgMS produced.

Tues 14 November - Wairarapa - Goodlands Partnership, Blair & Deanne Percy

36 Stronvar Road, Masterton
Winners of the Best Wairarapa Farm Performance Award this business demonstrated consistently good business performance in a number of areas and solid environmental performance.  Key environmental takeouts were a very low N loss/ha of 23 and soluble N use of 69.  Cost of production was $3.40/kgMS and operating expenses an impressive $3.82/kgMS.

Thurs 16 November - Manawatu - Garvaghy Gold Ltd, Robert & Colleen Ervine

1304 Rangiotu Road, Palmerston North
Winners of the Best Manawatu Farm Performance Award and a finalist for the environmental award.  Garvaghy Gold showed a solid return on capital of 2% and operating profit of $997/ha.  Their pasture harvest was one of the highest at 13.4tDM/ha from dryland producing 1240kgMS/ha.

Tues 21 November - Taranaki - Sulzberger Farms Ltd, Andrew & Sibylle and Brad & Chris Sulzberger

324 Pukearuhe Road, Urenui
Awarded NZ Supreme Winner, Business Resilience, Low Input Farm with Best Financials & Best Taranaki Farm Performance.
An excellent return on capital at 3.7%, with a very high operating profit at $2166/ha and an outstanding low cost system at $2.50/kgMS.  Come along and find out more about this very efficient low-input, forage-based system.


Mon 31 October - Northland - Okaihau Pastoral Ltd, Joe Foster and Cam Holmes

90 Wehirua Road, Okaihau
Winners of the Northland Best Farm Performance, the team at Okaihau Dairies are really driving performance from their land. Come along and find out how they have produced 444kgMS per cow and 1,529kgMS per hectare all while maintaining operating expenses per hectare of $4.73/kgMS.

Wed 2 November - Canterbury - Cloverdale Dairies, A&N Watt and P&M Ormsby

183 Ferrimans Road, Ashburton
Winners of the Canterbury Best Farm Performance, Cloverdale Dairies are producing an excellent pasture harvest of 16.1tDM/ha with their cows producing 97% of their liveweight into milk solids (436kgMS/cow).

Tues 8 November - Waikato - Rex and Sharon Butterworth

216 Campbell Road, Walton
Runners Up and the winners of the Best Waikato Farm Performance Rex and Sharon Butterworth have top performance in all areas of their business, including financial performance, production, people management and managing their environmental performance. With a 3.8% return on capital producing 489kgMS per cow and harvesting 15.8tDM pasture per hectare you dont want to miss this field day.

Thurs 10 November - Bay of Plenty - Willowvale Farms, Fraser and Katherine McGougan

526 Reid Road, Taneatua, Whakatane
Winners of the Best Bay of Plenty Farm Performance, Best People Management and Low Input Business with the Best Financials this is a business to check out. People management is an area that comes naturally to Fraser and Katherine, we will delve into what makes their performance high end. With operating expenses as low as 3.38/kgMS we can all learn something from these farmers. Their 3.3% return on capital is one to strive for in the current climate.

Wed 16 November - Taranaki - Shortland Farm - K&R Short and L&B Kuriger

32 Young Road, Opunake, Taranaki
Winners of the Best Taranaki Farm Performance and the Business Resilience Award Shortland Farms have a business that can withstand low payout without a hitch. With Operating Expenses per kgMS sitting at an amazing $3.03/kgMS this is a business with their costs undercontrol allowing for a return on capital of 3.6%. With a pasture harvest of 12.6tDM/ha and milk production of 326kgMS/cow from a pasture system their will be some key take home messages.

Thurs 17 November - Manawatu - Landcorp Ruapehu - Glenn Weitenberg

275 Whirokino Road, Levin
Supreme Winners, Lowest Environmental Footprint, Best Manawatu Farm Performance and High Input Farm with Best Financial Performance these are the farmers to learn from. Choosing to lock in the garenteed milk price has resulted in an amazing 7.1% return on capital. Despite this one good decision they have farmed as if it was never made, maintaining $4.08/kgMS operating expenses this is a very resilient business. Harvesting 14.4tDM/ha of pasture and producing 476kgMS per cow Glenn has really got a grip on things. Being environmental leaders every farmer could learn from this business.

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