Sponsor Funding

Dairy Business of the Year is sponsor-funded and supported by many companies allowing entry prices to be highly subsidised, as well as offering prizes for the top-performing businesses. With the added support of these companies we have regional committees throughout New Zealand ensuring each region has a support team. Gold Sponsors; Intelact, NZ CA and Ministry for Primary Industries offer a high level of input and funding and are highly supportive of the events.  Bronze Sponsors; Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health, Pioneer and CRV Ambreed are very excited about the opportunities that DBOY gives farmers from all spectrums, offering funding and vouchers as awards for top performers. Supporting Sponsors; NZDairyFarmer, Headlands, No8HR and PGG Wrightson Real Estate all have different roles where they provide services. NZDairyFarmer are our key media partners and ensure we are well covered in the press, Headlands provide the indepth environmental analysis, No8HR undertake the people management assessment and review and PGG Wrightson Real Estate provide valuations of the shortlist as part of the auditing process. All sponsors are enthusiastic about Dairy Business of the Year and hope farmers take up the opportunities they have funded and supported.

Wanting to Sponsor DBOY?

If you are interested in sponsoring Dairy Business of the Year, or would like any more information regarding sponsorship opportunities, please contact DBOY Relationship Manager, David Densley, for more information. 027 748 2327 david.densley@intelact.com

Gold Sponsors


Being involved as a major sponsor since the inception of Dairy Business of the Year in 2007, Intelact is proud to be a supporter of this competition. Intelact is, and remains committed to DBOY because the competition is based on a quantitative and transparent analysis of the farm performance across the three core business pillars. Defining business financial, environmental and human resources performance, and benchmarking that achievement against industry peers, is a cornerstone methodology in ensuring resilience and sustainability within a dairy farming enterprise. Intelact encourages dairy farmers of all sizes and systems to become involved in DBOY as part of the process of future proofing their dairy farming operation.

Warren Morritt, Managing Director


The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the Dairy Business of the Year.
DBOY entrants are demonstrating that even when times are tough, focusing on the things they can control will lead to success. MPI applauds entrants' drive for excellence across production, environmental and people outcomes, and their commitment to sharing their information and experiences for the benefit of other farmers.
DBOY's commitment to excellence and to the industry aligns well with MPI's priorities. Despite recent prices, we see a bright future for the dairy industry.
MPI has a range of work streams that form an active growth programme, which looks at driving the size and value of all of our primary sectors. These include:
  • working with top performing farmers to identify what it is that makes them so successful, with the aim of better enabling others to learn from their success;
  • continuing to invest in ways to sustainably add value through the Primary Growth Partnership programme, and;
  • A focus on skills and looking at specific customer and market insights, to add value to our primary industries.
We welcome the opportunity to team up with DBOY to recognise and promote farming excellence through this sponsorship.


Improving farm profitability and developing resilient and sustainable farming systems are two of the key drivers behind NZ CA's Gold Sponsorship of the 2018 Dairy Business of the Year. With so many of our Chartered Accounting firms located in provincial New Zealand and having dairy farm business as clients, it's a logical move for NZ CA to be involved in supporting and further developing these businesses. We're also eager to acknowledge and reinforce the value of businesses with motivated, innovative owners and managers prepared to benchmark themselves against industry leaders and challenge their current farming systems.  

Alan Hay, Executive Officer

Bronze Sponsors


Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health is proud to support Dairy Business of the Year and the farmers that make it the success that it is. Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health provides high quality, scientifically backed products, specifically for the New Zealand market. Our local research and development team has the ability to innovate and produce unique products that are made in our factory in New Zealand. This has meant that kiwi dairy farmers have had access to world first products and innovation. The fact that dairy farmers in New Zealand readily accept, and help us progress, innovation is something that Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health are very grateful of - a good reason to sponsor DBOY, we think, and give something back to the farmers who support and encourage us to achieve more as they keep pushing their boundaries.

Dr Abi Chase, Technical Product Manager


PioneerĀ® brand products is delighted to be part of the 2018 Dairy Business of the Year. We see the value the event delivers in recognising dairy farmers who generate good financial returns, as well as being sustainable from an environmental and people perspective. The Dairy Business of the Year is identifying those farm systems which will help the New Zealand dairy industry remain globally competitive in to the future. We are pleased to be supporting this exciting initiative and encourage farmers to get involved. Those that do will gain a lot of value from the thorough analysis which is conducted for every farm entry.

William Yates, Managing Director

CRV Ambreed

CRV Ambreed, a herd improvement genetics company, is delighted to join the team at Dairy Business of the Year. Our industry, the NZ Dairy industry, is a significant contributor to our communities, and we are very keen to assist with celebrating the many excellent farming practices that are happening across the country. We absolutely love farming, and our vision is to be a leading customer focused business, fully committed to adding value for farmers. We see supporting the DBOY as a key way to encourage farmers to look at their businesses, and reflect on what a fantastic job they are doing!

Matt Macfie, Sales & Marketing Manager

Supporting Sponsors


The team at NZDairyFarmer are great supporters of Dairy Business of the Year because we recognise the huge value in this benchmarking initiative. We encourage all dairy farmers to take the opportunity! Our magazine is delivered free to every letterbox on every dairy farm, so we can share each winner's success with every dairy farmer in New Zealand. You can also read the DBOY stories on New Zealand's biggest farming news site: nzfarmer.co.nz.


Headlands, which is part of the Intelact Consultancy Group, recognises the value of, and places significant importance on, environmental good practice within a dairy farming system. With environmental good practice stewardship as one of Dairy Business of the Year's key areas of focus, Headlands is proud to be a supporting partner of this unique and forward-looking event.

David Densley, Consulting Manager


The Dairy Business of the Year competition is a key part of our sponsorship programme at No8HR because it recognises excellent business, and you don't get to be an excellent business without having excellent people. Every year the finalists and winners talk about the importance of people to their business success, and every year we find it harder and harder to judge as the standard of people management and leadership increases. Great people leadership and the resultant engagement and productivity lifts for the business are the great opportunity that exists across dairy farming in NZ and entering this competition gives you the opportunity to get robust benchmark information and feedback that will grow your business.

Lee Astridge, Principal Consultant


PGG Wrightson Real Estate support the Dairy Business of the Year Competition by providing valuations on the top farms shortlisted throughout New Zealand for the competition awards. PGG Wrightson Real Estate are proud to support the competition as it not only recognises top performing businesses but provides analysis and benchmarking for other farmers to improve their business performance. A farm which has a record of performance and strong benchmarking results can be more valuable when in the market place, showing the extended value of Dairy Business of the Year and what it offers.

Neil Prior, Marketing Manager

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