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Defining, Benchmarking and Showcasing Dairy Excellence


Dairy Business of the Year (DBOY) provides farmers with the opportunity to undertake a high-level analysis of the KPIs within their business that drive profitability, resilience and sustainability, whilst benchmarking themselves against their counterparts. In addition, there is the opportunity to win great prizes, plus the added benefits that come with being engaged with other leading dairy farmers through networking and organised DBOY events.

Our Vision Plan

DBOY - Driving the Dairy Industry forward by recognising businesses who show the way.  

Mission Statement

A platform that; lifts the hood on profitable, resilient and sustainable dairy farming; showcases NZ’s dairy business success to the world.

Our Purpose

The strategic purpose of Dairy Business of the Year is to contribute to dairy farmers and the dairy industry in New Zealand by:
  1. challenging paradigms to bring about ongoing improvements in farm profitability;
  2. developing resilient and sustainable farming systems;
  3. recognising and reinforcing the value of motivated and innovative people within farming enterprises;
  4. increasing the awareness of dairy farming practices that minimise dairy farming impact on the environment;
To bring about positive change across these four core objectives Dairy Business of the Year activities and events encourage dairy farmers of every scale and business model to benchmark profit, people management and environmental practices to identify gaps and implement solutions.


The only way to improve your business is by knowing where you currently are. It's not just about cashflow, it's about knowing how your financial results have come about. By comparing your business against others in your region you can reveal opportunities for improvement. As we know, business performance isn't just about financial performance, and that is why Dairy Business of the Year assesses people management and environmental performance as well.


Finalists throughout New Zealand open their farms, and their books, for you to see how they have achieved their performance. Look in detail at their farm system, pasture and milk production management, financial performance, people leadership techniques and the steps they have taken in the way of environmental protection and nutrient management.

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